E-kirjastohanke esite

1. The e-library project is building a common e-library for municipalities . It will offer e-materials to every Finn, regardless of their place of residence, and will be easy to use. 2. The e-library project runs until the end of 2023 , coordinated by the Helsinki City Library. 3. The project phase is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture . In the future, the costs of the e-library will be borne by municipalities . 4. The e-library will open to customers in 2024 . 5. The common e-library will include a diverse selection of e-books, audiobooks and digital editions of newspapers and magazines. 6. The operating methods related to the procurement of materials will be built in cooperation with publishers and authors for a fair financial balance. 7. An organisation will be created to run the operations of the e-library, which will handle all tendering and contrac- tual matters in a centralised manner . The e-library will be owned and shared by all public libraries. Libraries decide how the division of labour (e.g., selection of materials) is organised. 8. The e-library will work with the logic of a library . Customers may have to queue for the most popular books. 9. A common e-library is needed, as libraries are responsible for providing content to everyone on an equal footing, easily and free of charge . At the moment, this is not being realised, because municipalities offer different amounts of e-resources for people to borrow. 10. Digital materials know no municipal borders. The residents of all Finnish municipalities must have equal access to e-materials. libraries.fi/elibraryproject 10 facts about the e-library project and the e-library Photo: City of Helsinki / Maarit Hohteri